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Pediatric Disaster Exercise Templates and Scenarios
AAP Exercise Toolkit (with scenarios)

Pediatric Hospital Tabletop toolkit (New York Pediatric Disaster Coalition)

AAP DisasterCast (webinar presentations)

EIIC Pediatric Disaster Collaborative TTX

Region V for Kids PMOCC virtual exercises

Pediatric Disaster Care Centers of Excellence
Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN)

The Gulf 7 – Pediatric Disaster Network

Region V for Kids

Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Management WRAP-EM

Evacuation and Sheltering
National Pediatric Conference Significant Event Readiness (2022 Mass Evacuation Afteraction)

California Patient Movement Plan Video Playlist (California EMSA)

NICU Evacuation Guide 2009 (Nationwide Childrens)

Reunification Following Disasters (AAP)

Creating Safe Family-Friendly Spaces in Emergency Shelters (CDC):

Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) Toolkit (CDC):

Red Cross Responds to Disasters (ARC):

RCRC Toolkit: Emergency Shelters and Housing Security

RCRC/Save the Children Best Practices for Emergency Shelters

Child Care Prepare: Infant Toddler Emergency Evacuation (Childcare Aware)

Safe Transport of Children (NASEMSO)

Evacuation of Children from Conflict Zones (Save the Children)

Pediatric ED and EMS Everyday Readiness
National Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Program (EIIC):

National Pediatric Readiness Program (EIIC):

Pediatric Readiness: Every Child, Every Day (EIIC):

Leveling the Playing Field A Pediatric Disaster Education Concept of Operations:

Pediatric Readiness Program Education (Oregon Health Department)

Respiratory Clinical and Surge Guidance
Pediatric Surge Crisis Response (EIIC and PPN)

Nov 2022: Surge in Acute Pediatric Respiratory Illness Update and Strategies Webinar (NYC Pediatric Disaster Coalition)

Pediatric Surge Technical Assistance Resource (ASPR-TRACIE)

Pediatric Surge Recommendations (Pediatric Pandemic Network)

Keep pediatric-specific supplies stocked (see the Critical Supply List Region V for Kids)

Recognition and Management of Pediatric Respiratory Distress video playlist (OpenPediatrics)

Pediatric Surge Resources (WRAP-EM)

Don't Forget the Bubbles: Managing a Busy Emergency Department

The Respiratory Surge - how to manage a busy ED

High Flow Help (DFTB)

Children's Colorado Clinical Pathways

UpToDate COVID-19 Management in Children:

Yale New Haven Children's Clinical Pathways

Children's of Philadelphia Clinical Pathways:

Pediatric Cross Training for Adult Health Care Providers
OpenPediatrics (FREE)

Pediatric Surge Playbook (WRAPEM)

The Sepsis Alliance (children)

RSV in Infants and Children - Symptoms, Dangers, and Prevention (Mountain Star Health)

RSV for Healthcare Providers (Children and Adults)

High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in children (UpToDate)


How to use a nebulizer, pediatric (Elsevier Patient Education)

The Pediatric Emergency Playbook (EM together):

Clinical Pathway Library (Children's Philadelphia)

Pediatric Emergency Medicine (NHS)


ACEP Simbox (FREE)

WRAP-EM JIT Handbook for Adult Providers (FREE)

Pediatric Surge Planning & Annex Resources
Pediatric Surge Playbook (WRAP-EM):

Pediatric Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool (Region V for Kids)

Pediatric Annex for Hospital Emergency Operations Plan (Oregon)

Illinois State Pediatric and Neonatal Surge Annex

Alameda County California Pediatric Surge Plan Template

Pediatric Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness: A Resource for pediatricians.

Los Angeles County

NYC Pediatric Disaster Healthcare Coalition Toolkits

Pediatric and Neonatal Surge Annex (ESF8 Illinois):

Rady Children's Surge Planning Train the Trainer

California Pediatric Surge Annex:

ASPR TRACIE Pediatric Surge Annex Webinar

WNY Pediatric Surge Work Group (ppt)

Pediatric (Non-PICU) Hospital Surge Plan Guidelines (New York):

Pediatric Legal Issues & Crisis Standards of Care
Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Management (WRAPEM) Legal Resource Guide (Sept 2021):

Crisis Standards of Care Resources (WRAP-EM)

Crisis Standards of Care Events Discussions (WRAPEM/RegionVforKids)

ASPR TRACIE Technical Assistance Pediatric Crisis Standards of Care (2021)

Pediatric Surge Crisis Standards of Care (module) Minnesota

Patient Care Scarce Resource Strategies (Minnesota)

Crisis Standards of Care - Pediatrics (Nebraska)

Scarce Resource Management & Crisis Standards of Care Adult and Pediatrics (Washington Dept of Health)

Arizona Crisis Standards of Care Plan 2020 (Includes Pediatrics):

Arizona COVID-19 Addendum: Allocation of Scarce Resources in Acute Care Facilities:

Pediatric Disaster Mental Health and Resiliency
Joint Policy Statement (AAP, ACEP, ENA): The Management of Children and Youth With Pediatric Mental and Behavioral Health Emergencies

Pediatric Disaster Topical Collection: Mental Health Issues (AAP)

Supporting the grieving child and family (AAP)

Providing psychosocial support to children and families in the aftermath of disasters and crisis (AAP)

Children and Disasters Technical Assistance Center (SAMSHA):

Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide (Dept of VA and NCTSN)

Helping Children Cope and Adjust After a Disaster (AAP)

A Wait to Nowhere (Video Preview) Speak Our Minds: Ending the Youth Mental Health Crisis ( Children's Hospital Association)

Tip Sheets for Children in Disaster in English and Spanish (Disastershock)

Special Focus: Suicide and Mental Health Emergencies Before, During, and Beyond COVID-19 (WRAP-EM/ASPR)

Child Life Disaster Relief --

Coalition to Support Grieving Students:

National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement --

National Child Traumatic Stress Network --

Listen, protect, connect (LPC) Psychological First Aid System --

Child Mind Institute

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Disaster Liasion Network Library

Responding to COVID-19 School Mental Health (MHTTC)

Children and Disasters Research, Reports and Toolkits
2022 The Action Collaborative on Disaster Research: Symposium on Pediatric Disaster Science (NASEM) virtual workshop: videos and reports

2021 Summary of Activities: White Papers: (Region V for Kids):

2020 National Academies From Hurricane Katrina to Paradise Wildfires, Exploring Themes in Disaster Human Services: Workshop 1 - Children and Youth in Disasters

2018 Department of Homeland Security "Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide For Preventing Targeted School Violence:

2019 Natural Hazards Center Children and Disaster Special Collection:

National Advisory Committee on Children and Disasters (NACCD):

Resilient Children Resilient Communities Toolbox

Institute of Medicine Preparedness, Response & Recovery Considerations for Children and Families

2010 National Commission on Children and Disasters:

Whole Community Pediatric Disaster Training
Pediatric Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness Mgt 439 (TEEX):

Community Preparedness: Integrating the Needs of Children Workshop Materials (FEMA):

Vaccine and Vaccination for Children
CDC: Intramuscular Injection (video): Supplies Preparation (Children Birth to 18 years)

CDC: Intramuscular Injection Sites (video): (Infant to Adult)

CDC eLearn Course: Immunization: You Call the Shots-Module Eighteen- Vaccine Administration (e-Learn) 2021

CDC: Vaccine Administration Module (interactive):

Parkland Health (video): Preparing your child for vaccination

Emergency Planning: Juvenile Justice, Homeless and Immigrant Children and Youth
Emergency Planning for Juvenile Justice Residential Facilities (2011)

A Toolkit for Juvenile Justice Agencies to Help People Heal During and After Natural Disasters (Child Trends)

A Toolkit for Juvenile Justice Agencies to Help Young People Heal and Thrive During and After Natural Disasters: (SAMSHA)

Resources to Support Immigrant and Migrant Students Experiencing Homelessness

Ready for Anything A Disaster Planning Manual for Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs (RHYTTAC)

Disaster Response for Homeless Individuals and Families (ASPR): A Trauma-Informed Approach

Meeting the Educational Needs of Students Displaced by Disasters: Youth on Their Own

National Center for Homeless Education: Disaster Preparation and Response

Homeless Education Advocacy Manual: Disaster Edition

Families of Children and Youth with Disabilities and Medical Needs
Be Ready: Tips for Families of Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs: Video and Infographic Series (ADA compliant) (EIIC)

Disaster and Families of Children with Disabilities: What Every Health Care Provider Needs to Know (EIIC)

Travel Guide for Traveling with a Medically Complex Child (Courageous Parent Network):

Emergency Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit (English and Spanish) UCLA

Access and Functional Needs Toolkit: Integrating a Community Partner Network to Inform Risk Communication Strategies (CDC)

CDC Children with Special Healthcare Needs

Especially Safe (Safe and Sound Schools):

HHS Public Health Emergency: Hurricane Response-Resources for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Complex Child (a monthly online magazine for families)

Autism Speaks Disaster Resources

Disaster Guidance for Dialysis Patients (Seattle Children’s)

Emergency Preparedness for Families of Children with Special Needs (Virginia)

Preparing for disaster survival resources for special needs (SAMHSA)

Disaster Resources (Family Voices) Emergency Preparedness

School Disaster Readiness
Emergency Resources, Equipment and Supplies List for Schools (NASN)

PASS School Safety and Security Guidelines (PASS)

National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement:

School Preparedness (CDC)

Trauma Responsive School Training (Video Playlist:MHTTC)

Education and Childcare Guidance (NACCHO)

Emergency Planning School Safety:

How Schools Can Prepare (Red Cross):

Sample School Emergency Plan (FEMA):

Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Center:

Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools COVID:

Safe and Sound Schools:

Standard Response Protocol:

School House Connection:

Child Care Disaster Resources
NEW: FEMA EMI Course IS-36.A: Preparedness for Child Care Providers:

Child Care Aware of America Disaster Resources:

The Child Care Resource Center (CCRC):

Childcare Disaster Preparedness (UCSF):

Institute for Childhood Preparedness:

Humanitarian Aid and Children
Moving Minds Alliance


Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies NEE

World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine

Resources for Global Crisis PAK (WRAP-EM)


Pediatric Data Sources for Emergency Planning
Child Development Data and Statistics (CDC)

The State of Children's Health Dashboard (Children's Hospital Association)

National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System (NRVESS) (data on RSV and other viruses)

CDC FluView (weekly influenza surveillance report)

Disease Tracking Data (EIIC)

KidsCount National Data (Anne Casey Foundation)

KidsData (California)

K-12 School Shooting Database

National EMS Information System (NEMSIS):

Heat Related EMS Activation Surveillance Dashboard (NEMSIS):

Prehospital Readiness and Surge
Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Toolkit and Checklist (EIIC)

National Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project (EIIC)

Prehospital Pediatric Care Course (New York) Simulation Scenarios

Pediatric Readiness in Emergency Medical Services Systems (AAP)

YouTube HandTevy Videos

ReelDx Public Cases Learning Videos

Perinatal & NICU Disaster Readiness
Stanford OB Disaster Planning Toolkit:

Neonatal Disaster Preparedness Toolkit (California Association of Neonatologists)

NICU/Nursery Evacuation Tabletop Exercise Toolkit (Lurie Children's):

NICU Obstetrics Evacuation Resources (ASPR TRACIE)

American College of OB/GYN (ACOG) Hospital Disaster Preparedness for Maternity Care COVID-19 Obstetric Preparedness

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Evacuation Guidelines (Lurie Children's):

CDC Disaster Safety for Expecting and New Parents

Loma Linda Pediatric Neonatal Disaster Reference Guide

Pediatric Disaster Reunification Resources
Children Separated by Disaster: Reunification Challenges and Resources Webinar

Family Reunification Following Disasters Toolkit (AAP):

Hospital Reception Site Planning Template

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

I Love U Guys Foundation Standard Reunification Method for Schools

FBI: Lessons Learned in Reunification of Children During Active Shooter Events From In the Aftermath via

Lurie Children’s Unaccompanied Minor Reunification Checklist

Post-Disaster Reunification of Children: A Nationwide Approach

Pediatric Surge/Emergency Care Equipment & Supply Chain
Pediatric Critical Supply Chain Guidance (Region V for Kids):

Healthcare Ready (Supply Chain VOAD):

Resources Recommended for the Care of Pediatric Patients in Hospitals (AAP):

Pediatric Equipment Toolkit (EIIC):

Pediatric Equipment (EMSC Massachusettes)

Pediatric Disaster & Emergency Triage Systems
JumpSTART Pediatric Triage Algorithm

SALT (Sort, Assess, Lifesaving Interventions, Treatment/Transport)

Pediatric Early Warning Score (Children's Minnesota) Pre-learning Information

Detecting Pediatric Patient Deterioration Using PEWS (MD Anderson)

TRAIN: Triage by Resource Allocation for INpatients: Matching medical transport to patient need

Emergency Severity Index Handbook 5th Edition (includes pediatric)

PsySTART: Psychological Simple Treatment and Rapid Triage:

Pediatric SOFA Score

Pediatric Medical Countermeasures and Decontamination
Pediatric Medical Countermeasures Resources for Public Health Preparedness (FDA)

Pediatric Countermeasures: Considerations for Bioterrorism Emergencies (FDA):

Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM)

How to Perform Patient Decontamination A Picture Guide(CHLA)

Pediatric Decontamination Checklist (Lurie Children's)

Advantages of Dry Decontamination (Central HazMat Team)

Medical Countermeasures for Children in Radiation and Nuclear Disasters: Current Capabilities and Key Gaps

Ethical and Regulatory Challenges in the Development of Pediatric Medical Countermeasures (FDA Workshop)

Medical Countermeasures: Antidotes and Cytokines for Radiological and Nuclear Incidents and Terrorism (Cambridge Press)

Pediatric and Adult Burn Operations
Western Region Burn Disaster Consortium: Mass Casualty Operations Plan

Healthcare Coalition Burn Surge Annex (ASPR)

Pediatric Response Burn Surge Resources (Minnesota)

Minnesota Burn Surge Plans and Education

Pediatric Burn Surge Bridging Readiness Gaps (ppt)

Burn Awareness for Families (NFPA)

Preventing Burn Injuries (Children's National)

Pediatric Emergency Care Training
Pediatric Surge Video Series: Trauma, Triage, Decon, Non-Trauma Disaster, Crisis Care, CYSHCN, and Incident Management. (Minnesota Dept of Health)

Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK)


OpenWHO Training


Pediatric Critical Care Society PICU Procedure Training

Don't Forget the Bubbles Learning
Getting Started:

National and State Emergency Medical Services for Children Initiatives
EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center

EMSC Toolkits

National Pediatric Readiness Project

Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative

Children's Emergency Care Alliance (EMSC Tennesee) Hospital and EMS Resources

Pediatric Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Medical Services for Children Data Center (EDC)

Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Disaster Resources
Pediatric Disaster Preparedness and Response Topical Collection (AAP)

Children and Disaster (AAP)

Children's & Disasters Council Building Resilience

Disasters and Your Children:

Federal Disaster Resources for Children and Families

Child Adolescent Health Emergency Planning Toolkit (HHS)

Maternal-Child Health (MCH) Emergency Planning Toolkit (HHS)

ASPR TRACIE Pediatric Technical Resource

CDC Caring for Children

FEMA Ready Kids:

NHTSA Hospital Discharge Recommendation for Safe Transport of Children

Health and Human Services/ASPR Webinar Pediatric Issues in Disasters

American Red Cross Pediatric Disaster Resources
Make a Plan

Pillow Case Project

Child Safety-Before During & After A Disaster

School Disaster Preparedness

Save the Children Disaster Resources
Family Emergency Preparedness Get Ready. Get Safe kits and Lesson Books

National Report 10 years after Katrina