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Whereas children comprise one quarter of the population in the United States, the mission of the National Pediatric Disaster Coalition (NPDC) is to advance community preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery for infants, children, and their families in disasters. This includes development of pediatric specific Health Care Coalitions and advisory committees that integrate into the existing Health Care Coalition model. Expert knowledge and the capabilities necessary to plan and allocate the appropriate and essential resources will be utilized to address pediatric specific needs in disasters. The NPDC provides recommendations based on national pediatric disaster committees and advisory committees, commissions and agencies, using the Technical Resources, Assistance Center and Information Exchange (TRACIE) and other nationally-recognized organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and Emergency Medical Services for Children. The NPDC serves as a clearinghouse for information on pediatric research, resource linkages, and ListServs. With the engagement of multi-disciplinary organizations and subject matter experts, the NPDC serves as an incubator to harness collaborative ideas and technologies that promote the best outcomes for children in disasters.