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Welcome to the National Pediatric Disaster Coalition


Whereas children comprise one-quarter of the population in the United States, the mission of the National Pediatric Disaster Coalition (NPDC) is to advance community preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery for infants, children, and their families in disasters.


To support the development of a unified medical and health emergency management community to prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies and disasters.


1. Multi-discipline inclusiveness
2. Mutual respect
3. Leadership that prioritizes the growth and well-being of others                                                                        4. Non-competitive collaboration
5. Integrity
6. Advocacy


Under the National Pediatric Disaster Coalition (NPDC) bylaws, NPDC affiliation is conducted without fees or compensation; membership consists of three levels:

  1. Listserv Membership: These individuals have voluntarily signed up for the NPDC listserv and act as pediatric disaster information-sharing partners.
  2. Executive Advisory Committee Members: These individuals have a background in medical health pediatric disaster preparedness activities and act as information-sharing champions and advisors, providing situation awareness, updates on evolving education and training opportunities, and recommendations to support the mission of ensuring the needs of children are included in disaster.
  3. Liaison Advisory Members: These individuals represent leaders and advocates from a wide range of organizations, providing opportunities for cross-discipline collaboration, information sharing, and engagement.

Review the complete NPDC Charter here